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  • Helping 9-16 year olds succeed
  • Improving skills,  building confidence 
  • Experienced, skilled maths teachers
  • Reasonably priced

How can Maths On Track Tuition help your child?

experienced maths tutor helping girl improve maths

Qualified , experienced, skilled maths teachers

All teachers and assistants who work with your child have recent and relevant experience in schools and are up to date with the current maths curriculum and how achievement is assessed and examined in schools. We are friendly, welcoming and patient and have a personalised approach to your child's learning. We are skilled at filling in the gaps and providing the correct amount of challenge to ensure your child masters the maths learned and builds the foundations required to move forwards successfully and confidently to the next step.

girl practising maths and improving algebra

Building confidence and resilience

As experienced and skilled maths teachers, we look at the bigger picture. School maths success is increasingly weighted towards test or exam grades. En route to this it is important to develop confident and competent young mathematicians. We seek to develop fluency in maths skills and the ability to apply these in a variety of situations, leading to mastery. We focus on building confidence and a 'can do' or 'can't do this yet but will persevere' mindset as we know these more positive approaches lead to success. We believe in a varied approach to learning which includes, repetitive practice, discussion, explanation and mastery.

confident boy pleased with Maths SATs success

Leading to successful learning outcomes

We have a personalised approach to working with your child and pay great consideration to their individual needs. A good balance between filling gaps in knowledge and providing the right amount of challenge ensures that your child stays motivated and wants to do well. We ensure that they are competent and confident at applying the skills they have learned, and are secure enough in their understanding to retain this learning when they move their maths up to the next level.

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What we offer

  • small group maths tuiton
  • 1-1 on request (subject to availability)
  • personalised maths tuition
  • preparation for SATs, 11+, GCSE
  •  A level (on request and subject to availibilty)
  • SATS/ secondary ready courses
  • Freelance maths teaching
  • Preparation for Teacher Training tests

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